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The iRiS Lab at University of Pittsburgh

IR Group at Pitt

The Information Retrieval, Integration and Synthesis Lab is part of the iSchool at University of Pittsburgh

We are researchers and educators who are interested in, and are actively working on various sub-topics areas of IR, which include adaptive and interactive information retrieval, cross-language information retrieval, digital library, information seeking on the Web and in traditional library settings, interface and visualization, and multimedia indexing and retrieval.

The goal of the group is to develop effective, efficient and friendly tools for people to access large, distributed, and heterogeneous information collections.


Contact us

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh,

135 North Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Lab Director

Daqing He

Associate Professor, School of Information Science and Intelligent System Program

Room 618, Information Science Building

135 North Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Tel: (412) 624 2477 Fax: (412) 648 7001

dah44 [at]

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