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Title: Finding cultural heritage images through a Dual-Perspective Navigation Framework
YI-LING LIN, P BRUSILOVSKY, DAQING HE - Information Processing & Management, 2016
Cited: 1

Title: Comparative analysis of book tags: a cross-lingual perspective
C LU, C ZHANG, DAQING HE - The Electronic Library 34 (4), 666-682, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: Evaluating Academic Answer Quality: A Pilot Study on ResearchGate Q&A
LEI LI, DAQING HE, C ZHANG - International Conference on HCI in Business, Government and Organizations, 61-71, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: A Framework for Dynamic Knowledge Modeling in Textbook-Based Learning
Y HUANG, M YUDELSON, SHUGUANG HAN, DAQING HE, P BRUSILOVSKY - Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on User Modeling Adaptation and ..., 2016
Cited: 0

Title: Undergraduate information behaviors in thesis writing: A study using the Information Search Process model
DAN WU, W DANG, DAQING HE, R BI - Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 0961000616654960, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: A mental model approach for category hierarchy maintenance on sellers' self-input items in e-commerce websites
PENG WU, DAQING HE, J SONG - Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI), 2016 11th Iberian Conference ..., 2016
Cited: 0

Title: Users’ Perceived Difficulties and Corresponding Reformulation Strategies in Google Voice Search
WEI JENG, JIEPU JIANG, DAQING HE - Journal of Library and Information Studies 14 (1), 1-14, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: Unpacking the “black box�: a preliminary study of visualizing humanists and social science scholars’ data and research processes
WEI JENG, E MATTERN, DAQING HE, L LYON - IConference 2016 Proceedings, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: User exploration of slider facets in interactive people search system
SHUGUANG HAN, DANCHEN ZHANG, DAQING HE, QIKAI CHENG - IConference 2016 Proceedings, 2016
Cited: 0

Title: Contextual Support for Collaborative Information Retrieval
SHUGUANG HAN, DAQING HE, ZHEN YUE, JIEPU JIANG - Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Conference on Human Information Interaction ..., 2016
Cited: 0

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